Central Jersey DCS Demo Group
Greenberg Train Show, Edison, NJ, 13-14 Aug 2005

On 13-14 August 2005, the Central Jersey DCS Demo Group presented a demonstration of the DCS system at the Greenberg Train Show held in Edison, NJ.  We presented the demonstration on a hirail modular layout in the form of an octagon that was 20' across.  The curves were very wide, with diameters of 128", 120", and 112".  What follows are photos of the layout and DCS demonstrations as well as some videos that we shot at the show.  As you can see in the photos, the show was well attended and we usually had a crowd around the layout.  A few videos appear at the bottom of the page.

"That's a LOT of passenger cars!"

And that's double-headed MTH Premier PRR K4s's that are pulling them!

Even Ted and Son came over to have a look.

Of course, Ted claims to be "Clyde Coil" as shown on his badge -- do you believe him? 

The heart of the demonstration -- transformer (one per track) to TIU to track.  That's the AIU off to the right.

Smoking steamers CHUFF!ing and PUFF!ing seem to fascinate kids of all ages!

The doubleheaded MTH Premier PRR K4s's smoked up a storm!

Various DCS instructional videos were running all through the show.

"Look at that smoke!"

A smoky meeting -- the MTH Premier PRR K4s's and the MTH Premier Reading T-1.

"Look, I'm running the train with DCS!"

The massive MTH Premier PRR J1 hauling all those passenger cars all by itself.

The MTH Premier C&O Greenbrier -- converted from PS1 to PS2.

The MTH Premier PRR FF2 -- a diecast model of an unusual electric locmotive.

Ernie seems to be after Bob! 

Ah, he just wanted to see that converted MTH Premier C&O Greenbrier!

Prrhorseshoecurve from the OGR Forum paid us a visit.

The prewar MTH Premier PRR K4s, caught in action!

Bob explains how simple it is to hook up DCS to an existing layout.

"Look!  Look at that train!"

Bob and Ed discuss DCS with some spectators

The MTH Premier Reading T-1 smokes up a storm!

The MTH Premier PRR FF2 boxcab electric goes past the switch tower.  The TV/VCR on the outside played DCS videos.

Between the MTH Premier Reading T-1 and the MTH Premier PRR K4s's doubleheaded, there was smoke aplenty!

Famous railroad book author Bill Brennan stopped by for a look at the trains.

"How do they get that sign in the window to blink like that?"

OGR Forum member JoeG stopped by to chat with Bob.

The MTH Premier PRR J1 ...

... and the MTH Premier C&O Greenbrier (converted from PS1 to PS2).

We had some visitors who drove all the way from Albany, NY to see the show!

Kids of all ages find the trains fascinating.

Young Josh has the train under control with DCS.

Bob's mother and daughters taking a well-deserved rest!

Nick and Josh were running the trains while Ed had a bite to eat.

Two happy DCS engineers!

Here's a video (~90 seconds) showing the trains in action on the layout during the show.  You'll see double-headed MTH Premier PRR K4s's hauling a long consist of MTH Premier heavyweight passenger cars, an MTH Premier Reading T-1 hauling a consist of MTH club cars, and an MTH Premier PRR FF2 hauling MTH Premier freight cars.

Action on the CJDCS Layout (Real Media - video)

Action on the CJDCS Layout (Windows Media - video)

Action on the CJDCS Layout (MPEG-4 - video)

This is a short (`55 second) video showing the MTH Premier J1 Texas hauling the long passenger consist that was handled by the double-headed K4s's above.

PRR J1 on the CJDCS Layout (Real Media - video)

PRR J1 on the CJDCS Layout (Windows Media - video)

PRR J1 on the CJDCS Layout (MPEG-4 - video)

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