Central Jersey DCS Demo Group
Greenberg Train Show, Edison, NJ, 5-6 Mar 2005

On 5-6 March 2005, the Central Jersey DCS Demo Group presented a demonstration of the DCS system at the Greenberg Train Show held in Edison, NJ.  We were located at the intersection of the two main aisles of the show and almost everyone attending the show had the opportunity to see us.  We presented the demonstration on a hirail modular layout in the form of an octagon that was 20' across.  The curves were very wide, with diameters of 128", 120", and 112".  What follows are photos of the layout and DCS demonstrations as well as some videos that we shot at the show.  As you can see in the photos, the show was very well attended and we usually had a crowd around the layout.  A few videos appear at the bottom of the page.

We had videos about DCS running during the entire show.

As you can see, we keep the transformers and the DCS components on the outside of the layout to facilitate demonstrations.

Bob has modified his MTH brewery to emit smoke!

The MTH Premier A2 Berkshire made quite an impression -- not very many people have seen a green steamer!

The chuffing and puffing steamers really make an impression on the little ones!

The Reading T-1 was always an attention getter.

Bob chats with OGR Forum poster Joe G

The Reading T-1 passes by the MTH Train Store

Bob shows off the DCS remote

Look!  The dispatch board really works!

The MTH Premier PRR H3 Consolidation is a tiny locomotive but has lots of pulling power

The dispatch board, operating as though by magic (via the AIU) was a crowd pleaser

Through the magic of model railroading, the Consolidation meets later PRR power, the FF2

When we say there were crowds around the layout, we mean it!

Here's a future railroader!

A three-way meet of Pennsy Power! The Consolidation and the FF2 meet the Mountain!

Ed points out an interesting feature

Here's another future railroader!

The MTH Premier C&O Greenbrier (converted from PS1 to PS2) is double-headed with the MTH Premier Reading T-1

The MTH Premier NYC A-2 Berkshire eases past the MTH operating car wash

The mighty MTH Premier Reading T-1

Bob answers a question about DCS

Bob and Ed (and Ed's pretzel)

The MTH Premier NYC A-2 Berkshire comes around the corner

One of the things that we like to do during demonstrations is let people (especially kids) use the DCS remote to control the trains on the layout

The MTH operating car wash didn't just fascinate the little kids!

Bob's daughter Kimberly helped to demo DCS for the crowd!

Bob chats with repairman extraordinare Jay Stuhl

Bob clowns around with TMCC demonstrator Ted Bertiger

Now, from that seat the view is really great!

There's that MTH Premier Reading T-1 again!

Getting up close and personal with the trains!

The Reading T-1 could be nicknamed Sir Smokes-A-Lot!

"Terrible" Ted hamming it up with OGR Forum poster German

Tracks full of trains and little kids -- perfect together!

Here comes the MTH Premier C&O Greenbrier (converted from PS1 to PS2) but what's that behind it?  Can it be a double-header?

Yes it is!  It's the MTH Premier Reading T-1. But wait a minute -- what's that behind the T-1? It can't be, can it?

Yes, it can be! It's the MTH Premier PRR Mountain -- a DCS triple-header!!

The triple-header sure attracted a crowd!

Young Josh handles the trains with DCS like an old pro!

Here's a short video showing the MTH Premier PRR H3 Consolidation in action on the layout.  This is a very small locomotive that is a model of a prototype produced at the turn of the 20th century.

MTH Premier PRR H3 Consolidation on the CJ DCS Layout (Real Media - video)

MTH Premier PRR H3 Consolidation on the CJ DCS Layout (Windows Media - video)

MTH Premier PRR H3 Consolidation on the CJ DCS Layout (MPEG-4 - video)

This is a 2.5 minute long video that shows the trains in action on the layout.  At various points you will see (all MTH Premier) the C&O Greenbrier (converted from PS1 to PS2), the PRR Mountain, the PRR H3 Consolidation, the PRR FF-2 boxcab electric, and the Reading T-1.  The Real Media file is over 2 Megs in size while the MPEG-4 file is over 15 Megs in size, so be prepared for them to take a while to stream down to you.

Action on the CJ DCS Layout (Real Media - video)

Action on the CJ DCS Layout (Windows Media - video)

Action on the CJ DCS Layout (MPEG-4 - video)

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